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    FURCH Red Gc-LC



Akusztikus gitár | HN201482

1 514 000 Ft

1 362 600 Ft

Ár ÁFA-val együtt 27%

A kedvezmény eddig érvényes 2021.01.31.

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• First-class acoustic guitar made for the most discerning guitarists.
• Premium-quality master grade tonewoods.
• Proprietary design features and production technologies, including soundboard and backplate voicing, the revolutionary Furch CNR System® neck joint, and Full-Pore High-Gloss Finish.
• Luxury appearance featuring a number of details made from green abalone and Hawaiian koa.
• Heavy-duty Hiscox hardshell case.

The Red Series is the top line of our solid-wood guitars, where no expense is spared in an effort to use the very finest materials and components. Furch Red LC model is made from master grade tonewoods – the soundboard features Alpine spruce and the back and sides are made from cocobolo. The beauty of the woods is underscored by a host of appointments – koa binding and premium rosette, green abalone purfling and headstock inlay, and white pearl leaf fingerboard inlay. Thanks to the combination of premium materials, decorative details and state-of-the-art production technologies, Furch Red LC guitar is a top-class instrument with an attractive look and superb acoustic qualities. It produces clear, open tones that are finely balanced across the entire tonal spectrum.

• Unique voicing process
The premium nature of Furch Red LC guitar is underscored by the fact that both the soundboard and the back plate are individually tuned using the voicing process, our proprietary technology that enhances the guitar’s tonal properties to the highest level. Thanks to that, Furch Red LC guitar has a crystalline clear, harmonically rich, balanced, and highly dynamic sound across the entire tonal spectrum.

• Exceptional finish
Furch Red LC guitar is protected by our proprietary Full-Pore High-Gloss Finish, which has been developed to enhance the guitar’s tonal qualities. The finish consists of an ultrathin layer of highly resistant lacquer that provides excellent surface protection and accentuates the structure of the wood at the same time.

• Beauty of exotic wood
The stunning appearance of the guitar is underscored by a figured ziricote bridge, fingerboard, and headstock overlay. The body, fingerboard, and headstock feature koa binding with a white contrasting line. Koa was also used on a rosette and tail decoration.

• Furch CNR System® Neck Design
A high precision, dual-action truss rod maintains neck stability and allows for fine adjustment of the neck relief, bilaterally. The truss rod is housed in a highly rigid carbon casing which enables a very smooth and controlled neck relief, ensuring the best playability and enduring optimal setup.
A fully adjustable dual-action truss rod for highly precise adjustment of the neck bow in both the convex and concave directions. A highly rigid carbon casing that maintains the neck in the set position over a period much longer than is the case with standard neck joint designs and, at the same time, facilitates a gradual bow in the neck, a factor of essential importance for playability. A casting made of special alloy located inside the neck heel that ensures a stable position of the neck and its angle vis-?-vis the body.

• Premium rosette made from koa
The soundhole is adorned by a rosette featuring a premium solid koa ring with green abalone inlay.

• Exotic leaf inlays
The fingerboard is decorated with gorgeous mother-of-pearl leaf front inlays. A similar pattern is rendered in green abalone on the headstock.

• Transparent protection
The soundboard is protected by a transparent pickguard that allows the natural beauty of the wood to shine through. The pickguard is designed to have no effect on the tonal qualities of the soundboard.

• Excellent machine heads
Furch Red LC guitar has an excellent tuning stability courtesy of Gotoh 510 Silver Patina machine heads with polished ebony buttons and a highly precise 1:21 gear ratio.

• High-rigidity Hiscox case
Maximum protection during transport is provided by a high-rigidity Hiscox case with polyurethane insulating foam that shields the instrument from changes in external climatic conditions.


  • Gyártó színe: Natural
  • Szín: Natural
  • Felületi javítás: Csillogás
  • Típus: Grand Auditorium
  • Kivágás: Igen
  • Korpusz: Teljes masszív
  • Első lap: Lucfenyő-masszív
  • Hátsó lap: Cocobolo-masszív
  • Kávák: Cocobolo-masszív
  • Nyak: Mahagóni
  • Menzúra: 650 mm
  • Érintők száma: 20
  • Nullás hurláb szélessége: 45 mm
  • Fogólap: Ziricote
  • Húrláb: Ében
  • Zéró küszöb: TusQ
  • Hangszedő: Nem
  • Érzékelő tipusa: N/A
  • Elektornikai model: N/A
  • Irányítás: N/A
  • Integrált hangoló: Nem
  • Hangoló: Gotoh 510 Silver Patina
  • Hardver: Szürke
  • Tok: Igen
  • Táska: Nem
  • Gyártás helye: Csehország
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